What makes a school great? Great teachers? Skilled administrators? Cooperative parents? While all of these factors matter, the fact is that schools are ranked by student performance. Great students make great schools. This is why administrators spend a great deal of time and energy deciding who gets to benefit from their institution’s resources and talent. Schools that choose their students have a powerful incentive to choose wise...

How to improve parent-teacher communication

Your school’s teachers are already juggling multiple responsibilities. They don\'t just trust employees of a school administration. They also have a responsibility to each and every student’s parents. On top of a full-time job inside the classroom, teachers need to report on student performance and behaviors. Traditionally, this is done through monthly or quarterly parent-teacher conferences, but today’s parents need more. The...

5 Best Techniques to Improve School Management

Building a sophisticated society of literates globally largely depends on school management techniques. However, the implementation, formulation, and dissemination of school management techniques have become a global challenge because of lack of a universal education system. Therefore, school management boards, federal, and state governments must adopt new strategies to manage their resources and ultimately develop a productive school culture. Here are the 5 most effective techniques to improve sch...

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