Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed answers of almost all plugin related queries and Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) for WPSchoolPress plugin.

Is WPSchoolPress free plugin for lifetime? Are there any hidden charges?

The plugin will always be available for free. There are no hidden charges or catch. We do have WPSchoolPress add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the features and functionalities of the plugin.

How to use WPSchoolPress?

We have a complete documentation of WPSchoolPress as well as youtube tutorial videos which will guide you to answer all your ‘how to’ questions.

How can I purchase premium or full version of the plugin?

As the plugin being free to download, we serve paid add-ons. To know about our available add-ons, kindly visit WPSchoolPress Add-ons.

Can I change the theme of Plugin?

No, there is no option to change the theme of the plugin. You can write us for any customization work with the plugin.

How to translate WPSchoolPress?

Currently the plugin is available in 2 languages thanks to our contributors. The original plugin has been developed in English and other contributors have translated it to Spanish. You can find both the versions of the plugin on Right sidebar of WPSchoolPress page on WordPress.org directory under Languages option. You can also contribute to translate the plugin to your regional language if it is not available. You can check the translations, their contributions and progress.

"Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page"

​Sometimes it happens that other theme or plugin may create conflicts due to which WPSchoolPress pages get blocked and you get this error message. You can test this issue from your end too.
Try and deactivate other plugins one by one and refresh the pages of WPSchoolPress. If by deactivating any plugin, the WPSchoolPress pages work better, then that is the plugin which created the conflict. Check which plugin is causing conflict.
Let us know the plugin name and we will fix the conflict soon. Note that this is something site specific and hence this will be a paid support.

How to login to WPSchoolPress user's dashboard?

Let me tell you how the plugin and it’s pages can be accessed. ​ Any user can login from the front end. When an admin logins, he/she is redirected on the wordpress back-end dashboard. From there admin can access wpschoolpress dashboard. Like wise when any other user tries logging in, the will be redirected to their respective dashboards(not wordpress backend) with limited rights given.

Note: You can not access any page from the front end of your website, you can only log in from the front end.
Please use below links for login.
domainname/wp-admin/admin.php?page=sch-dashboard – this link will take you to the login page and once you login, you will be redirected to the school dashboard
domainname/wp-admin/ – ​this link will take you to the login page and once you login, you will be redirected to the wordpress dashboard.

How to register different children of same parent ?

You can add same parent to two or more than two students by following the below given steps with an example: James is the father of Daisy and John.
· Create Daisy’s(student) profile and insert all her details as well as James (parent) details along with user name, email address and password
· Now create John’s(student) profile and in that before inserting parent details, you just need to insert email address and the rest of the details which you had inserted while creating daisy’s profile will be automatically loaded in John’s profile
· This is how 3 users are created.
· Now when you access James’ dashboard, you will be able to see 2 students in the students listing and all the information related to both his kids too like classes, teachers, exams, etc.
Note: Here you have created same parent for two students, now whenever you edit parent’s information from any of the student’s profile, the other profile’s parent information will be automatically updated.

Unable to add 6th subject

Whenever you try adding 5 subjects, you submit the details of those subject. After doing this, go to Add Subject and again select the same class, you will be able to add 5 more subjects again. Likewise you can add more subjects to WPSchoolPress accordingly.

Does WPSchoolPress work with WordPress Multisite (WPMS)?

No, the Plugin does not work with WordPress Multisite (WPMS). You can write us for any WPSchoolPress Customization Work with the plugin.

How can I buy premium version of WPSchoolPress?

WPSchoolPress is a free WordPress plugin and comes with paid add-ons which have premium plugin features.

How can I purchase WPSchoolPress add-ons

You can purchase WPSchoolPress add-ons from our website directly. You select the add-on(s) and add them to the cart. While checking out, you can make payment through your visa/credit card.

Which type of customizations do you offer in WPSchoolPress plugin?

There are many educational institutes or activity coaching institutes which need a management system. Their operationals are quite matching with WPSchoolPress but few functions need to be added or removed. Case Study: A music school needs a student management system to manage students, classes, schedule and fees. They have a requirement of students registering online but with multi-class selection. Also they need a batch system for same classes along with a feature to upload documents. They do not need modules like Parents and Transportation. So these modules have to be removed. At last they want the plugin theme colours to be the colours of their website.

Is the payment for add-ons one time?

Payment for the add-on is for one year where you will get new updates. After first year, its free to use but you will not get update. For getting our updates you have to renew your subscription.

What if I am not able to activate the purchase add-on?

  1. As you purchase the file, you need to download and install the zip file that you received in the email.
  2. Now in your purchase receipt, you will see the license key on your screen, copy the key and paste it into the WPSchoolPress Settings’ License Tab.OR
    1. You can login to WPSchoolPress website and get your purchase details like purchase history, downloads, license keys
    2. Copy the license key and add it in your WPSchoolPress General Settings

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