Multi-class Add-on

Add-on Features

For schools or coaching institutes, it is expected for students to be enrolled in multiple classes for multiple activities. Multi-class add-on lets admin to assign multiple classes simultaneously to students. 

A small case study:

Institute Talent Hub comes up with summer vacation programs. Classes are of one hour daily opened for 2 months in the areas like singing, dancing, guitar, acting, gymnastics, etc. Students can be enrolled in multiple activity classes.

Jenny | Student

  1. Enrolled in acting and dancing class
  2. Can access all the information about classes, timings, teachers, etc.
  3. Also can view events related with both class on her dashboard
  4. Can view class history of previously enrolled classes


  1. Students can be assigned multiple classes at the same time
  2. Students can access all the information of the classes assigned to them
  3. Class history can be stored

Dashboard Messaging

Add-on Features

Communication among school members is much needed nowadays and hence we have developed an add-on. “Dashboard Messaging” which lets users to communicate internally. Whether you are admin, teacher, student or parent, you can send messages from your WPSchoolPress dashboard to other user’s dashboard.

Benefits to Admin and Teachers:

  • Can easily shoot messages to individuals
  • Can receive messages from any School Member
  • Have a conversation
  • Shoot Class specific messages

Benefits to Students and Parents:

  • Can receive all the updates from admin and teachers
  • Can start conversation with respected teachers

Bundle Pack

SMS Add-on + Import-Export Add-on + Front-end Registration Form + Dashboard Messaging + MultiClass Add-on = Bundle Pack = Ultimate Option

We believe our customers are smart and smart people always search for more benefits with minimum costs. This is how we came up with all the WPSchoolPress add-ons in one discounted Bundle Pack.



  1. All the benefits of all the four add-ons 
  2. Free support of 1 year after purchase for add-on bug fixing 
  3. Can raise a ticket for support from the customer profile on website
  4. Our loyal customers will get more discounts on upcoming add-ons
  5. Best option for overall School Management needs

Front-end Registration Form

Add-on Features

Lets upgrade our School Management System, Administration work-flow and user experience with our newly launched add-on. Front-end Registration Form helps students and teachers to register themselves in schools from school’s website itself.

Highly beneficial for Coaching Institutes like, music class, dance class, swimming class, tennis class, summer activities coaching institutes, gyms and likewise.

Benefits to Admin

  • Ability to confirm user registrations from their dashboard
  • No need to add students and their details manually from back-end
  • Can delete the spam/unwanted registrations

Benefits to Students/Teachers

  • Can register themselves online
  • Get notified through emails on as registration request accepted or rejected
  • On confirmation, students/teachers can update their profile fields


What’s in our next update of add-on?

  • Ability for students to select class for registering themselves


SMS Add-on

Add-on Features

If there is a feature to share school updates to the school members like students, parents and teachers. This is why we have created an SMS add-on which keeps school members updated about the school activities. You can also watch our video demonstrating SMS Add-on Features and Installation Process

SMS Automation

  • Automatic SMS are sent from admin when their child is absent
  • This also specifies the reason of being absent
  • Maintains transparency between parents and school

Instant Notifications to School Members

  • Can send instant SMS notifications to all the users
  • Can multi-select individuals
  • Role based group notifications
  • When there is an unplanned holiday
  • When there are upcoming sports events
  • When there is some teacher’s meeting
  • To all parents for parent-teacher meeting



  • SMS can be web messages through SMS Lane or Twilio and it is mendatory to have active account in any of these gateways depending on the country you are located. You can also learn how to use SMS add-on by watching our video tutorial.

Import Export

Manual registering of students, parents and teachers one by one becomes time and efforts consuming. To reduce these efforts, we have launched bulk Import/Export add-on which will let you to experience role based benefits.

Benefits to Admin

  • Import, export and print student list in
  • Export and print parent list
  • Import, export and print teacher list
  • Import Students’ marks
  • Export Students’ marks
  • Check import history

Benefits to Teacher

  • Export and print student list
  • Export and print parent list
  • Export and print teacher list
  • Import, export and print Students’ marks
  • Check import history

Benefits to Student/Parent

  • Export and Print Marks
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