SMS Add-on

Add-on Features

If there is a feature to share school updates to the school members like students, parents and teachers. This is why we have created an SMS add-on which keeps school members updated about the school activities. You can also watch our video demonstrating SMS Add-on Features and Installation Process

SMS Automation

  • Automatic SMS are sent from admin when their child is absent
  • This also specifies the reason of being absent
  • Maintains transparency between parents and school

Instant Notifications to School Members

  • Can send instant SMS notifications to all the users
  • Can multi-select individuals
  • Role based group notifications
  • When there is an unplanned holiday
  • When there are upcoming sports events
  • When there is some teacher’s meeting
  • To all parents for parent-teacher meeting


  • SMS can be web messages through SMS Lane or Twilio. You can also learn how to use SMS add-on by watching our video tutorial.

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Payment for the add-on is for one year where you will get new updates. After first year, its free to use but you will not get update.

Reach us, if you have unique feature requirements for your school, we also serve WPSchoolPress Custom Projects

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