How is it useful to have an online attendance module rather than taking attendance offline? 

Having an online attendance module has several benefits over taking attendance offline:

1. Convenience

With an online attendance module, students can mark their attendance from anywhere, anytime. Students who are unable to physically attend classes due to illness, travel, or other reasons will benefit from this service.

2. Time-saving

In large classes, taking attendance manually can be time-consuming. Online attendance modules can save time by automating the process of taking attendance and generating reports.

3. Accuracy

Online attendance modules can eliminate errors that may occur when taking attendance manually. For example, online modules can flag cases where students have marked their attendance twice or when attendance has not been marked at all.

4. Security

Online attendance modules can be password protected, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access attendance data. This can prevent instances of attendance fraud or tampering.

5. Analytics

Online attendance modules can generate analytics that can be used to identify patterns in student attendance. For example, data can be used to identify students who are frequently absent or to track attendance trends over time.

Overall, an online attendance module can save time, increase accuracy, and provide valuable data that can be used to improve student outcomes.

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