Digital Transformation of Schools Post Covid and how WPSchoolPress can help

Over several years, the line has blurred between old instruction and online learning. However, the pandemic has pushed schools towards digital transformation. It is undeniably true that the pandemic has altered schooling across the globe. While nations worldwide were under lockdown, universities and academic institutions were obliged to swing quickly. They were forced to change themselves in the course of conforming to the new global order.

Classrooms are quickly evolving the fundamental way they perform one’s tasks with COVID-19. A few schools have grown into old-fashioned distance schools, with the majority of engagement through written letters. Some have attempted to recreate the educational environment online using digital technologies such as Zoom. Others fall in the middle, connecting students to online coaching and practice programs and sharing videos.

School systems launched technology-driven projects to facilitate remote instruction and web-based learning. But they also introduced novel education opportunities and tech approaches. The outbreak has taught schools and academic facilities worldwide to adjust to and accept new ways of teaching, learning, and connecting. The most recent paradigm change in the higher education sector envisions the internet age as an integrated complex ecosystem enabling online instruction and study.

The transition has resulted in online learning and education on online platforms significantly backed by virtual learning technology. Schools have implemented many technologies, like Moodle or Google Classroom, and interactive web places like Zoom or Teams. In addition, AI-generated apps, Google Chromebooks, Macs, laptops, iPods, & tablets are forms of educational technology.


Since we have learned how schools are going through digital transformation after the pandemic, let’s look into a helping platform. WPSchoolPress is a comprehensive WordPress school administration plugin. It promises to make classroom operations more accessible.

There seem to be four roles, like with all of the other WordPress plugins and themes featured here: Admin, Educators, Students, & Parents. Everyone has their dashboard and access privileges. WPSchoolPress can assist the school in managing attendance, courses, subjects, grades, tests, events, timetables, and transportation. It has a message system as well as SMS API connectivity. WPSchoolPress is a membership service.

It can help schools follow digital transformation more successfully. It is not easy to jump into the modern internet world after all schools have been attached to traditional ways of learning. But since change is inevitable, why not take help and make it easy? We have compiled a few ways WPSchoolPress can help schools make administration work easier. Let’s look into them and understand how they can help in the digital transformation –

Manage Your Employees/Teachers

Students are taught, evaluated, and disciplined by your school personnel. They help to improve overall student success and discipline levels. Every school must have rules and techniques to verify teachers’ credentials and licenses.

We suggest you utilize the WPSchoolPress educator features to keep track of all of your educators’ data. To increase efficiency and school administration, managers can maintain a trace of each day’s educators’ presence, manage courses, monitor the assessment process, or plan frequent staff meetings. To enhance staff management, utilize the WPSchoolPress management to monitor instructors’ interactions with kids and parents.

Real-Time Site Updating

An updated website allows a continual flow of engagement and reliable communication between employees and parents, which is critical in preparing for admission inquiries. It never hurts to look at a few of your rivals’ websites to see what type of enhancements you can implement on your own. This type of study can assist you in selecting material consistent with the narrative your school conveys and the competence of its employees.

Encourage a Stress-Free Learning Environment for Students

School administrators must create a stress-free environment. Biweekly engaging activities boost teaching and general administration in a well-organized institution. We suggest using the WPSchoolPress Calendar to schedule events, which fosters inclusion and adequate preparation for school programs, encourages a stress-free educational environment, and improves school administrators.


Since the pandemic has hastened everything in the school, it is essential to follow through. WPSchoolPress has a lot of features to help schools. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to change. However, plugins like WPSchoolPress are here to help. Once the school teachers, parents, and teachers learn how to use it, it will be straightforward.

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